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12 of the Best Ipad 2 Apps for work

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Here is a compiled list of the 12 of the Best appz for Ipad. This article primarily. focuses on the Ipad, Ipad 2. These 12 apps are generally used in a work environment. We are going to follow up with two more postings of which are the best apps for Ipad creative and another article which Ipad games are the best.

Best App for your Todo List:  Toodledo

Price $3.99 |Version 2.1| Jake Solefsky

Do you have a lists of things you need to get done? Do you want to try to tackle your time amangement in a more or better organized way? Don’t be put off by the the funny sounding name. Toodle is plenty cabable. It’s best features are that it has a low cost, ease of operation and also has web- syncing abilities. So you can easily exchange data back and forth from your ipad to your main PC or Mac. If you want to have extra services like external file storage, goal progress trackers then expect to pay $15/ year more for these features.


Buy this App on the Apple App Store:  Buy Toodledo

Best App for Calculating Anything: Digits Calculator

Price $2.99 |Version 1.5.2| Shift

The ipads has up to now lacked in this area for built in calculator. With digits affordalbe price. Pros are the easy to hit buttons. A total that is emailable a batch of memory buttons that even the non tech geeks will understadn how to use. Don’t be turned off by the blaring yellow number pad, you can easily change it by tapping the right hand corners ” i ” button and turn the backgorund color to a different shade of color. Nice calculator for your ipad can’t beat the affordable price too.


Buy this App on the Apple App Store: Buy Digits Calcualtor

Best App for Writing Anything: Writer Studio

Price $4.99 |Version 1.02| Information Architects

This a straight forward all included ipad app that will assist you as a writer or any kind of data entry. The keyboard is rigged with custom time savers. Of couse most important of all is the Data Syncing so that you can connect up to your PC or Mac and transfer files or data back and forth. Also there is a neat focus feature that dims out all but the three lines you are working on at the moment. Also when its time to share your wonderful written verbiage then with one click you can email to whomever you desire.


Buy this App on the Apple App Store: Writer Studio

Best App for designing Presentations: Keynote

Price $9.99 |Version 1.2| Apple

With this app you can make you really good looking slideshows. The nice part of the ipad is that the screen is big enough to show them off. Apple pulled out all the stops when designing this little app, you can arrange pages filled with images and text, create lots of chart types, design pro quality animations, add movies. If you want to share it as in a boardroom style then you can export it easily to regular PC or Mac Apple does offer a dongle with which you can attach a projector dongle. But then why not outfit everyone with their own ipad and lose the projector all together!


Buy this App on the Apple App Store: Keynote Presentations App

Best App for Number Crunching: Numbers

Price $9.99 |Version 1.2| Apple

At first the Numbers App was not too well received, because in the early version the app could not read or export excel files. Now in this version that has all been fixed. The program handles very similiar to excel. If you can use that one then you can use this one. You can mix different medai types, headlines, with outline text, then add images tables and graphs


Buy this App on the Apple App Store: Numbers Apple App

Best App for Editing Office Documents: Documents to Go

Price $16.99 |Version 4.0.2| Dataviz

Documents to go is the closest contender to turning your ipad into a full powered Office document- creating and editing helper. Of course don’t get to excited yet. This app does not compare to having the real thing, that what you can do on a PC or a Mac. But if most of your documents use either excel or word or Powerpoint and mainly use standard formatting, then it is a great app, to download and use at the earliest possible convenience. Buy it you will like it.


Buy this App on the Apple App Store: Documents to Go

Best App for taking notes: Note Taker HD

Price $4.99 |Version 4.1| Software garden

Note taker HD is for ipad and ipad2 owners who want to handwrite on their touchscreens. A very clever solution that really works for most people. This is the one app that actually allows you to write legible text as opposed to all the others. In this app you have two screens. In the secondary one there is a magnified version of the end result. You write in this area. Because you are writng in the magnified area the text becomes legible as opposed to writing with no magnification and getting just scribbles. It sounds a little bit complicated but it is not and it is great fun.


Buy this App on the Apple App Store: Note Taker HD

Best App for File management: ReaddleDocs fo Ipad

Price $4.99 |Version 1.6.1| Readdle

Now the Ipad is a great tool, but the somewhat lacking aspect is the lack of file organisation. For example if you have 5 word files with notes about your next fishing trip, some powerpoint presentations, a pdf or two of those great make money affiliate markting tips, a spreadsheet of your next months wedding guest list, plus a grocery list or two. Then you are going to have a real confusion on the screen of your ipad. Along comes readdle Docs app to the rescue! Wouldn’t it be nice to have something like a file management system like wondows explorer to neatly organise all that? Readdledocs can do exactly that turn your ipad into a flashdrive and file viewer machine.


Buy this App on the Apple App Store: ReaddleDocs App

Best App for Teleprompting: Teleprompt

Price $9.99 |Version 2.1| Bombing Brain Interactive

Masters of Ceremonies, speechmakers, class presidents, this is your app to stop fiddling for note cards. With this helpful app you will put newscasters to shame. put your ipad on a ipodium and start talking like a pro. Really easy to use and to setup. So while singing the national anthem or giving the gettysburg address you will sound like you were the original author. Include is a highlighter box for btter focus while reading, plus other orator friendly tools.


Buy this App on the Apple App Store: Teleprompter for Ipad

Best App for Remote Desktop Access: Log meIn Ignition

Price $29.99 |Version 1.284| LogMeIn

LogmeIn Remote Desktop access has a small learning curve where you have to learn some simple tap and swipe gestures, once you have mastered that you will probably find this the most useful app you own. This is a truly cool and convenient way to remotley access your PC or your Mac desktop or Laptop. Setup could not be simpler. The software you install on your PC or Mac desktop is a free download. Basically log yoursef in, turn on the ignition and away you go.


Buy this App on the Apple App Store: LogMeIn Ignition

Best App for Ipad as External Display: Air Display

Price $9.99 |Version 1.2| Avatron

If you are trying to get alot done on a window screen size thats not that large, this app transforms your desktop screen larger via your ipad. Air display transforms your ipad into an extension of your desktop. Great so you don’t have to buy a second screen. Then while you are working on your main screen you can load up a IM conversation or twitter feed to glance at. Or perhaps a chess game.


Buy this App on the Apple App Store: Air Display

Best App for GTD Worshipping Power Users: OmniFocus GTD “Get Things Done”

Price $39.99 |Version 1.2| The Omni Group

If the acronym registers as getting things done then you must be very interested in time management and efficiency. Now the price of the app is more then some of the others, but if you want to have the absolute best system for that field. This apps hardcore users are unanimous in their devotion: you simply won’t find an app this good with so many high ratings from it’s users. The app is loaded with GTD friendly tools like weekly review mode, digital perks, audio notes, map views, errand lists and on and on goes the list …


Buy this App on the Apple App Store: OmniFocus GTD

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