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Designers – Can you make money using Fiverr

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Fiverr what is it? Fiverr is an outsourcing site that has gained immense popularity. Even many clones of the site have sprung up. Personally I have used the site for a few things done as well. Why is the site so popular? Mainly because of the odd jobs you will find there. It is really surprising what people will do for 5 dollars. Just from the entertainment factor alone it is interesting to see the ideas people have and provide as a service. part-time-job-for-women fiverr

Second of all if you need something done for your business or even some kind of non profit organisation , you will find  someone on there that will do it reasonably priced. If you look at the broad selection of “Gigs” you will find anything from design work, myspace or facebook friend adders, creating a video commercial, or website SEO work like backlink building.

Now here comes the Golden Question:

How is it possible to make any real money from only 5 dollar gigs?

Truth be told is only 4 dollars because Fiverr the site owners keep 1 dollar from every gig you sell. I know because I have a few gigs on there myself. To make money you simply provide a service, albeit fairly cheaply, but at the same time you are building a customer base, and if things work out you can achieve a fulltime business.  Unbelievable   as it may seem it actually works.

This works simply because people like to buy from people they trust.  What better way to test someones skill then to test the water with a 5 dollars purchase as opposed to spending  and losing hundreds or even thousands to find out that something does not work. I wish I had fiverr around back when I spent those large dollar amounts on SEO campaigns that did little more then the ones I got off of fiverr.  For the  less then the cost of a Big Mac at Mcdonalds!

For the one doing the gig it’s the perfect loss leader to other products and services.  Just look at all the big Businesses like Best buy, Staples, Walmart etc..  will offer a sale on something , selling it at the cost price, just so they can get you to come into the store and look around and perhaps make additional purchases. After a customer finds that a vendor delivers what they say, most will be happy to purchase larger dollar amounts from you.

Another method to make money with fiverr,  once you buy a gig for  5 dollars, lets take backlink building or logo designs as examples,  you can visit webmaster forums like Digital Point,  Sitepoint or simply offer it on your website for 10 or more dollars and easily make a profit.

If you need a boost in your design sites income or you are just starting out, or perhaps you know someone else that is unemployed and needs some extra income. To make an extra 200 a week is very feasible with Fiverr working just 4 to 5 hours a day.

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