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Very cheap reliable VPN service – SuperVPN

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Protecting your anonymity online and your privacy is of outmost importance nowadays.  No one wants to be spied on while surfing, neither do you want to be blocked network access to your favorite sites.

Something a little new, normally I don’t create reviews on my site. But the other day I was out shopping for a VPN service and after reading pages of reviews one particular VPN service caught my eye that stood out from the rest, and that was SuperVpn. I did some research online and saw that they are not a new company but have been around some years and they have experience with hundreds of VPn clients.

SuperVPN is able to bypass any internet filters, and you remain completely uncensored once you connect with them.  

There are many reasons for getting a VPN, I needed one because I was having difficulty connecting to my web server.  I took their PPTP plan for $ dollars monthly.  They offered me access in 4 US cities Saint Lois, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, 1 in Canada, and the choice from 1 city in every major country in Europe and Asia.

I use alot of Voip and regularly stream video via HULU so I was at first sceptical that it would be any good.  The results were very impressive, the speed it was only a fraction faster without the vpn. So far there were no connection difficulties when I needed them, they were always up. I use my Ipad alot to surf the internet, and I was able  to access their network using that wtih ease. They offer free, anonymous, voip, Iphone, and torrent vpn services, recommend checking them out..

super vpn service

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Some Kewl Ipad Apps Game for early 2011

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A quick list of a few popular Ipad games of early 2011. They are all new releases and I have enjoyed playing them all. Ipad and Iphone games continue to be the most popular new games released on the market. I can’t keep tab of all the new games onVisual magick of the Ipad, but here is a few that work well and can be download for free or a couple of bucks from Apple App center. The links below the descriptions will take you straight there.

Best Apple Ipad app of the new Angry Birds : Angry Birds Rio HD

price: 3.99 |version 1.0 | Rovio Mobile Ltd

Well I reviewed the original Angry Birds and gave it a two thumbs up.  What is it well it is a extremely popular Ipad and Iphone game is what it is.  Millions of people have played it and can’t get enough of it. The newest version is a prequel to a soon to be released animated film “RIO”. Also with the IPad 2 the game now runs much faster and smoother then ever before. High praise given for the significant design and and graphical improvements. Some of the upgrades were “parallax scrolling” and instead of killing those nasty pigs in episode of angry birds you will be taking down some downright evil monkeys instead. What are the differences between the Ipad and the Iphone version, nothing major, but Angry Birds Rio is much nicer to play on the 10 inch screen of the IPad. Is it worth it to download, you bet it is Go check it out and have fun with it.

Get this app in the apple store:  Get Angry Birds Rio 

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Free Ipad 2 Wallpapers HD

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This the first part in a new Ipad 2 series based on new and interesting  IPad Wallpaper of the week.  Now that you have your lovely new IPad 2 or even your standard ipad. You have to find something to make the screen  look as pretty as the outside casing. You got a protective casing to make sure that you new Ipad stays beautiful on the outside.


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Can you make a successful WordPress Blog without using outsource workers?

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Many so called “gurus” profess that it is easy to make a successful website very quickly. Unfortunately I have to burst their bubble because it is not true at all, it is very difficult and takes a long time to make website with a lot of traffic and also one that generates any kind of money at all.  Now don’t take me wrong it is not difficult to do, as in mentally challenging, more difficult as in attention to details, and maintain persistence.


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How I got 2000 new visitors to my blog in one single day

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One of the hardest thing to do for most webmasters is to get traffic to your new blog or website.  But let me introduce a few methods to getting traffic  to your new website.Website-traffic

To start off I am just an ordinary blogger that does not have any connection to anyone. I don’t have large blogs or high pagerank sites that I can link to jump start my site. The tips below are not difficult to learn and do not require any kind of rocket science thinking capabilities.

Here are the steps outlined below

1.       Step number one I would recommend having a neat design, something that is appealing to the eye and at the same time loads fast with too many invasive popups and other javascript interferences.  If you are starting a website new I would recommend a wordpress frontend and  backend. Simply because of the SEO benefits of wordpress and the ease of use of the content  management system.

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